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From the Mirriam-Webster Dictionary:


adjective \in-ˈtre-pəd\
: feeling no fear : very bold or brave

My husband and I have different stories about how I came by the nickname 'Intrepid Meredith.' He says it was some mutual co-workers who came up with it, but I remember him using the name first. Either way, it seems to fit, and I decided to keep using it.

Up until I married my husband, I led a bit of a peripatetic life; born in New York, raised in Oregon and Colorado, and then moving to Seattle after graduating college. Six years later, I was moving to rural Wisconsin to marry my long-distance boyfriend. We joke that we had one of the last postal-mail romances in America!

Educationally, I have degrees in Zoology, Biology, and Psychology, although I've held jobs that ranged from research assistant and animal caretaker, to loan secretary, ad sales rep, and even comic shop manager. If nothing else, I've certainly learned that I can live anywhere, turn my hand to most anything, and that there are wonderful people to meet and become friends with wherever I may go!

For the last almost seven years I've worked part time at my local library, mostly planning and running programming. This has been a great fit because
  • I love books! (Although ─ Shhhh! ─ most of what I read is fantasy or science fiction, with a smattering of mystery, romance, historical fiction, or non-fiction thrown in. Most contemporary fiction? Meh.)
  • I love crafts! This comes in very handy when it comes time to plan the children's summer programming, but I've even been able to get the adults to come play with me too! Several years ago we started a weekly Crafting Bee where local people bring their own projects to work on at the library on a weekly basis. We've seen projects in knit and crochet, tatting, embroidery, rug weaving, pine needle basketry, drawing, quilting,and more! Everyone is so enthusiastic and supportive of each other's work. It's been a wonderful group to be part of.

As far as my crafting bona fides, what can I say? I was raised in the '70's as the child of a couple of progressive parents. I learned to knit at age five (although I didn't really bond with that craft until I got older), macramé at six, and Mod Podge was a household staple. My preschool was even located in a fine arts museum! I don't think I've ever met a craft that I didn't like ─ much to my husband's dismay!

My main crafting interests right now are knitting, crochet, and quilting, although I still dabble in a bit of rubber stamping and embroidery, and I recently learned punch needle embroidery and how to Zentangle too. Someday I hope to learn tatting, so I can make lovely pieces like the ones my grandmother made for me many years ago.

I live with my husband and two children in a 150+ year old farmhouse in rural, central Wisconsin. While my husband does not craft objects, like I do, he is a crafter of stories and has many graphic novels and science fiction novels to his name. If you're interested in sci-fi, especially Star Wars, or comics, you should check out his websites: farawaypress.com (fiction) and comichron.com (comics history). He doesn't understand why I enjoy cutting perfectly good fabric apart and sewing back together again, and I don't understand how he pulls his incredible stories out of thin air, but we both enjoy reading those stories under a hand made quilt!

And our kids, son Gizmo and daughter PikaGirl, enjoy them too. It's been fun watching them grow creatively. They both share some interests with me, and some with their dad, and are now at ages where they're even picking up some on their own too. I guess I'd have to call them my two biggest Works In Progress!

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